Cercle Modéliste Rullicois

Updated 10/11/2018
The stadium, near to Rouillé (86), is open every day.

NEWS 08/10/17

Championship of France F1E Tourtenay 08/10/17

Another podium for the CMR!

The always young Pierre CHAUSSEBOURG wins the bronze medal of the Championship of France for free flight for glider with magnetic guidance (F1E) which took place this weekend in Poitevin region.

"The drizzle has slightly disturbed the Fly-off: a little black cloud has come to hide my model, preventing me from taking the second place, even to participate in a second fly-off for the first place .. .

But hey, it's the sport, and that's the Free Flight, it's like the "trout fishing" ...! "

He will be a member of the France 2018 team with Alain ROUX and Jean-Luc DRAPEAU! Congratulations.


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